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Ans.    As you all know that Torus Education provide classes for different types of government jobs competitive exams, different types of entrance exams, tuition for different subjects from 5th to graduation and different types of computer courses. The institute tries its best to complete all these courses with a following strategy.
    *    Providing appropriate material for the examination
    *    Providing last year's question papers
    *    To conduct practice through model test paper from time to time
    *    Frequent attention to important questions
    *    Providing information about the date of examination
    *    Providing other information related to the exams
    Apart from this, to make the students aware about the general information of the country and abroad studying in any course.

Ans.    The batches of any course in torus education are based on the cyclical concept. According to this concept, upon completion of a batch, it is then restarted back to where it started earlier. Hence, a student can take admission at any time in the batch, he does not face difficulty of any kind. Yes, when a lesson is running in the middle, it may have difficulty for some days, because some basics are told at the beginning of the lesson.

Ans.    As already discussed, every batch of any course in the institute is based on a cyclical concept. So it does not matter when you join the institute.

Ans.    You must take admission in Torus Education because the courses are not taught here to the students in the old ways, but in such a way that they are also prepared for the competitive examinations.