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    Torus Education always strives to bring about radical changes in the development of human resources with positive qualities and creative thinking. And we have fully confident that all of you students will join us in making this effort successful by follow the following rules.

1.    It is strictly forbidden to roam around in the torus campus with your friends or outsiders unnecessarily.
2.    Students should maintain the dignity of the institute. Don’t sabotage any thing and spread dirt in the institute. If found guilty, the name of the student can be cut or it can be fined or both.
3.    Students should keep his/her mobile phone switch off or silent during the class. If found guilty Rs. 100 will be fined.
4.    If the fee is not deposited on due date, the name of the student will be cut after 4 days and the payable fee and Rs. 100 will be charged as fine for re-written.
5.    If any student is absent more than one week from the institute without written permission, then his/her name will be cut and will be re-written with a fine of Rs. 200.
6.    The fees deposited in the institute will not be refund in any kind of situation.
7.    All the above terms and conditions are provisional and are based on the discretion of the institute. The institute reserves all rights to change/amendment the above terms and conditions without any prior notice.