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About Torus Eduaction


    Torus Education is one of the leading and upcoming institutes in today's competition field with good infrastructure, delightful and picturesque background. It is a very successful institution of India since the year 2008.

The following salient features helps torus to achieve its goal.
    *    Conducive atmosphere for learning
    *    Subjectwise different highly qualified and experienced teachers
    *    Study material prepared by a team of experts
    *    Weekly test series and group discussion
    *    Communication skill & personality development programme
    *    Highly competitive and professionally oriented educational programme
    *    Unique educational methodology with contemporary interactive teaching methods
    *    Guidance regarding all information of different competitive examinations
    *    Crash course for all competitive exams
    *    Personal attention to each student
    *    Separate batch for boys & girls (Optional)
    *    Affordable fee structure
    *    A.C. class rooms
    *    Writing pad chairs
    *    C.C.T.V. Surveillance
    *    Library & Hostel facility etc.

    Our mission is to help students to achieve their educational objectives by giving something new in coaching classes and by making learning meaningful & joyful through interactive techniques and methods. Our mission is to provide quality education to every student and ensure his success. We claim that we are fully dedicated and committed to excellent education so that to build a sense of mutual trust and compassion between teachers and students, and to ensure that students are getting what they want to achieve had come.

    We are also always ready to take all students in Torus whose financial condition is weak. But in return we need a promise from them - and that is their unwavering passion and hard work towards education. This mission brightens the prospects of a full career for our students and establishes the student's primacy. We make every effort to teach our students and as a result we have set small goals for them. We deliver this by molding our faculty, facilities and curriculum.

    We believe that the success of our students ultimately depends on their ability to satisfy future employers. We therefore provide value-based quality education and mentoring to students to convert them into competencies whose skills will meet the contemporary needs of employers and prepare them to meet the challenges of the times to come.

    During this process we strive to meet the highest practical standards, reflecting our commitment to the mission. We strive for better results in student satisfaction, program completion and most importantly career placement.

  • Quick Solution – Where we anticipate student's needs, provide solutions to them before they ask.
  • Integrity – Torus Education refers to the importance of honesty in all activities, initiatives, academic endeavours and personal interactions.
  • Responsibility – We stress up on importance of communication, interaction and cohesiveness among students, faculty, staff and parents.
  • Innovation – We follow developing & delivering digital content and assessments.
  • Students Oriented – Through this approach we motivate & develop of our students to their goals.

    Our vision is to enable students to build strong concepts, make them more confident and face any academic challenges in the future. Our vision is to create such type of an educational environment that work for the overall development of its students, so that they can strengthen their talented and young minds to achieve the highest education and can achieve the best in their lives.
    At Torus Education, we nurture students to realize their dreams through advanced learning method, to increase their confidence and ethics and to realize their full potential. Here, students gain an understanding of the courses for which they enroll and gain mentorship in career directions alongwith enhancing the educational process. They become the next generation of such professionals who will drive the country's economy towards growth and prosperity in future.

    Torus Education believes in quality education. The academic efforts with the modern techniques and trends of education are fully filled with the meaning and the purpose, which the demand of time. Torus is not just an that institute where the carriculum is taught by the old way rather it is the institute where students prepared for the competition.

    Torus Education has engaged experienced and highly qualified teachers who coaches the students with full dedication to face the written test of various examinations. Torus always believe in the best and provide the best. The excellent and highly qualified teachers are being encourages the students in the higher examinations, competitive entrance examinations, job-oriented courses, computer courses and tuition classes time to time. The marvelous result in various exams is the base of the dedication given by esteemed teaching faculty of Torus.

    Torus Education train the students of India and enable them to face all demands in India or abroad. By the grace of Almighty the dream of Torus comes true by showing the excellent performance at various examinations.

    Torus Education provide not only study material, regular test & quiz but do focus on every point from very first day which put effect on the preparation. We all know that the result of all small activities make a combined big effect for the growth of any person’s life. Torus makes clear the vision of students. Torus generate the ability in the students to make the different types of queries on each & every topic and always follow the great teaching rules for solving the queries of students by giving the examples of their surroundings.


  • I made the right choice by joining Torus education institute for bank exam preparations. Study Material provided by them was very useful for me. The teaching faculty was superb.

    -Kritika Gupta

  • I am really thankful of torus education education institute who have helped me for achieving my dreams.

    -Mahesh Saini

  • I sincerely thankful of the faculty members of torus education institute who gave many tips to solve the question. weekly test series of torus education institute found to be very useful.

    -Ajay Shah

  • I found the Torus education’s classes very helpful and they had given me amazing atmosphere to study in. They were always there to lend a helping hand whenever I needed them in my studies.

    -Rahul Sharma